How to bet on the matches of West Ham:

The world of football betting is full of concepts and jargon, and you definitely need more than just your passion for the beautiful game to thrive in this world.

Let’s learn more about how to place a football bet at a trustworthy bookie.

Football (Soccer) Betting Odds – basic concepts:

Football betting odds are numbers that determine your potential betting prizes. The most popular system in the world is the decimal odds system, but the fractional odds system is also popular in the UK.

We’ll use the decimal one, which is mathematically equivalent to the European decimal, as it’s easy to calculate odds.

The 1×2 betting system is the most popular one out there. Let’s learn more about it.

1X2 Football betting odds – West Ham Matches

Let’s have a look at the odds for the next game of West Ham…

West Ham (1.56) – X (4.23) – Bournemouth (6.24)

In the upcoming game, the hosts will be West Ham, so they are the ‘1’ selection, the match draw is always the X, and the visitors the ‘2’.

The odds of the hosts are smaller, because the market sees them as favorites to win, while the visitors are the underdogs in the eyes of the betting community.

Let’s simulate a betting scenario.

West Ham: £100 staked, 1.56 * 100 = £156 potential prize
Match draw: £100 staked, 4.23 – £423 potential prize
Bournemouth: £100 staked, 6.24 * 100 = £624 potential prize

These are the potential winnings if a bettor places a bet on each specific potential event. As you can see, the winnings are proportional to the perceived risk of the event not happening.

For example, in a different market, the outright market – the market for bets on what team will win a competition – in the 2015/16 season of the Premier League, the odds for Leicester to win were 5000.0! That’s right, a £100 bet could become a prize of half a million pounds!

But who had the trust to bet £100 on them as of the first round of that season of the EPL?

The odds for their triumph decreased as the time passed and round after round it seemed more likely that their title could actually be the outcome as of the end of the season.

Secondary tips to profit from football betting

It’s important to know everything about the game, and team news, anticipate what will happen, as well as understand how odds work. However, you can also profit if you choose a good bookie that has a welcome bonus for you. But finding a good bonus is just as hard as finding a good gambling house: it’s important to count on the help of experts to find the best place to open another account and enjoy these benefits. We recommend that you have a look and find out more on

Moreover, keep an eye on our betting guides to profit from your passion for West Ham, the Premier League, and other football competitions!