Even in these extreme times, Alexis Sánchez to West Ham United doesn’t fit.

The East Londoners wants one to understand they are a big team. Supplementing the large new floor and Premier League-winning trainer was a continuous flow of big-name signings, with mixed results.

Others, such as Jack Wilshere and Samir Nasri, are unmitigated disasters.

Now, using their Premier League status up to now in the atmosphere, and that is assuming the 2019/20 effort resumes at a certain point, the Hammers have’pioneered contact’ over Manchester United flop Sánchez.

Based on FC Inter News, the chance of this Chilean staying at Internazionale past the conclusion of the year is distant. After only 1 goal and three assists in 15 appearances, it seems like that the 31-year-old will end up Ole Gunnar Solskjær’s difficulty after again this summer.

There is no denying Sánchez was a handsome player. However, the accent is on has been . It’s been a while since we saw that the forward in his rip-roaring finest. Breezing past gamers, driving toward target purposefully and ardently and unleashing thunderous attempts. Regrettably, that was a while ago now. Actually, the final time Sánchez hit double figures in a league effort was 2016/17. This was arguably at his summit, netting 24 occasions to acquire Arsenal’s Player of the Year award.

Joining Inter was a brand new beginning. It has been anything but. After Sánchez opened his accounts to the Nerazzuri within his third game, the indications were great. A red card was an unfortunate footnote to this win over Sampdoria however, the foot injury suffered in mid-October ruled Sánchez outside for three weeks, destroying any sort of momentum he had constructed in his morning in San Siro.

Restricted to only 199 moments in Serie A, it is difficult to draw a precise judgment from his statistical outcome this year.

Sánchez’s lack of participation has been a popular issue for journalists from Italy but none that Conte, ever the diplomat, was eager to talk.

I’m not mad, I’m neither an imbecile or somebody who enjoys to hurt herself.

“I understand that one and one makes two, however, when in your opinion it makes five. If I choose to put somebody on the pitch, it is because I’ve got my reasons.”

Certainly, Sánchez has not done enough to work his way to Conte’s believing with any regularity. Within an Inter squad that’s mild on forward, that is barely a shining testimony.

Then there is the fact he’ll be 32 at the end of the year. Whoever signs him will certainly must set a three-year contract onto the table. And that is before we reach the little thing of the reported £400,000-a-week contract.

Manchester United needs Sánchez off the commission bill, if they are not planning to use him. They’re paying Sánchez to perform Inter, a sign of the desperation if ever there was one. However, Sánchez is not likely to easily give up a part of his wages. Somehow, someone might need to make up the shortfall.

West Ham ought to prevent being this club. The Hammers have produced enough costly mistakes lately and paid the cost. Signing Sánchez is different, which would just set them back further, on their path to develop into a genuinely ‘big club’ from the Premier League.