The Hammer’s Manager says that England’s top-flight league could be living in “dreamland” if they expect to begin playing again in three weeks.

West Ham vice-chairman Karren Brady claims the Premier League season ought to be declared null and void due to coronavirus.

Matches in England’s top flight have been postponed until at least April 4, however, there is uncertainty as to whether the effort might ever be finished because of the pandemic, which the World Health Organisation (WHO) reported on Friday had infected over 132,500 individuals around the planet.

Brady, whose Hammers side sit only two places away from the relegation zone courtesy of goal difference, considers the entire season ought to be scrapped, despite Liverpool leading the way by 25 points and needing only six more to seal a first name in 30 years.

“There is no dodging the risk that all levels from the EFL, in addition to the Premier League, will have to be cancelled and this year declared null and void because if the players can not play the games can not go ahead.

“The PL expects that an interlude of 3 weeks from now will let it restart but that might well be dreamland.

“So what if the league can’t be finished? As games in both the PL and at the EFL are changed, the only fair and sensible thing to do is declare the entire season null and void.

“Who knows who would have gone down or come up if the matches haven’t ever been played in full?

“A massive blow to Liverpool who are robbed of the first title in 30 years.

In addition to the Premier League, soccer was postponed in all Europe’s major leagues, with doubts over if and when the season will finish. Furthermore, UEFA has postponed the Champions League and Europa League fixtures which were expected to take place next week.

Football isn’t the only game to have been disrupted as a result of the virus. Lots of the world’s leading events are cancelled or postponed, with Six Nations rugby and the Masters golf two of the greatest tournaments to have endured.