I wasn’t positive if I should even post a column this Monday as I have a bit on my plate right now, what with my brother being in the hospital again, the increasing levels of negativity surrounding my heart (s), both at West Ham and Concordia and still another league game, this time against a club, like us, a newly appointed director at the helm which sadly didn’t lead to three more points for us. However, was it a stage gained? Or two things lost?

But I will do attempt to write at least a bit, collect some of my ideas and invite you, as usual, to post remarks below as news, transfer rumours and quotations from the manager, players or the board may roll in through the day.
I will also attempt to tone myself down somewhat as, honestly, football isn’t worth getting into a frenzy, especially if one of your loved ones is fighting for dear life.
Which means I’ll still post but likely keep away from fighting the same old wars on here time and time again.

Because of this, I’m not going to talk about the fan protest which took place in Stratford on Saturday shortly before the match. This has been discussed here in the comments and previous posts and, like it or not, the subject at hand is very likely to continue to instigate discussion and debate in the coming weeks and weeks anyhow, without me adding fuel to the flame.

You all know where I stand on this and a few people have been moaning about all of the board bashings, the insistent negativity on here and other sites, so for the time being, I do not mean to add further to it, not in this article anyway. But I can’t guarantee I will never refer to these issues in my own comments. Just because how this club has been run does influence what happens with the team on and off the pitch and what a supervisor, any manager, can attain at West Ham in 2020 and beyond. It is all connected and at any stage in the future we might even don’t have any team left to support in any way, so when fans criticise and demonstration, more frequently than not it will be because they love the club and care a whole lot about it being well.

We are without a shadow of a doubt formally in a relegation dogfight today — and we will probably stay in that dogfight for the remainder of the season, hopefully with a positive outcome, in the end, meaning Premier League security and the soothing relaxation of the tv money it attracts for another season.

At this point, you need players to stand up and be counted, men with cojones and courage. Preferably, with some ability at playing soccer also.
I would not expect any of those to arrive at the transfer window, so they’ll need to come from within the group we have.
Moyes will need to work his magic with the present hand of cards at his disposal. Will that hand is great enough? Or can he bluff our way from trouble?

Who then will be our dedicated and outspoken leaders on the pitch for the remainder of the season, galvanising their teammates into the degree of effort and desire we desperately want to win matches now?

Do we really have the quality to remain up? On paper for certain, but we do not play the beautiful game on paper, as all of us know.

Names alone do not keep up your team, ability, effort, desire and great old-fashioned teamwork on the other hand do.

I have complete confidence that under Moyes we’ll be stronger defensively. However, will we also find a way to be more clinical in front of goal? We’re fairly ineffective against Everton in that respect, in a game we could and should have won as Everton were not playing well daily.

It is going to be a long, hard and bumpy road for the remainder of the season, yet, as for today, I have faith we could stay up.
Not necessarily due to our own utter brilliance but because of three groups playing much worse, saving our throat at the end of the day.

Usually, I’d wish Slav and his staff every success in soccer, but this Saturday I hope we do beat West Brom any which way we can if only to raise our collective soul and disposition one of a fanbase that surely can do with a lift. COYI!!!

As the match against the Toffees has revealed though, soccer is rarely simple, nevermind a walk in the park or a slice of cake, make sure that a piece of Black Forest gateau or a wonderful chunk of chocolate roulade, if you like this. Sometimes football is a challenging old hard biscuit.

I certainly don’t anticipate Leicester or West Brom to make it effortless for us this week from shame for the underdog or as their manager remains a respected hero for many West Ham fans. It is going to be a tense week, too for me on a personal level — since you are reading this I will be on my way to seeing my brother in his regional hospital after his latest surgery last Thursday.

Or Concordia who’ve been struggling in their latest winter break favorable yesterday afternoon against a really motivated young ETV Hamburg U21 side that conquer the Cordi first group by an embarrassing 3:0 scoreline.